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Excelsior Elevators is committed to quality, so it has implemented the international standard ISO 9001 since the year 1998, going through all its reviews. 

The quality system covers the guidelines established by the European Directive on Elevators 2014/33/UE, from which the quality certificates of annex VI module E were obtained (quality assurance in the final control of safety components, such as parachutes, speed limiters and door interlocks) and of annex XI H1 Module (Quality assurance applied to the design , manufacture, assembly, installation and final control and tests to elevators). These certificates are issued by the entity OCA Cert 

In addition the quality system covers the guidelines established by the European Directive on machines 2006/42/CE, which obtained the certificate of Nwoc X (assurance of total quality, for vertical platforms). Certificate issued by Lloyd's Register 

This same system is valid for compliance with the EU Regulation 305/2011 which establishes the harmonized conditions for the commercialization of construction products, particularized in the case of the manufacture of self-supporting structures and stairways. Certificate issued by OCA Cert.

Quality policy

At Grupo Excelsior, quality is an integral part of our principles. Our commitment to quality allows us to constantly dedicate our efforts to improving the confidence and satisfaction that must be perceived by the customer as well as by the staff providing safe and reliable products and services. 

Ensure the punctuality and the correct execution of the projects according to the requirements of the client, of the user and of the norms, by means of proactive communication, exchange of knowledge and implementation of processes, technologies and necessary resources., enhancing the orientation to the client, considering his full satisfaction and fidelity. The customer must perceive that our product and service is the best option. 

to maintain a relationship with our suppliers based on mutual trust, constituting a fundamental link in the quality value chain. 

at Grupo Excelsior We promote a business culture of teamwork, commitment, appropriation and training and development of employees. This allows us to achieve our quality objectives and offer products and services that meet or exceed the requirements of the 

Group Excelsior Customer, agrees to comply with Directive 2014/33/UE concerning lifts to apply the following conformity assessment procedures for lifts and safety components: 
- Article 16 (d) conformity based on full quality assurance further examination of the design for lifts established in annex XI (module H1) 
- Article 15 (b) The model of the safety component for lifts shall be submitted to the EU-type examination set out in annex IV, part A, and conformity in the type based on the quality assurance of the product in accordance with annex VI (module E) , for the rest of the security components. 

Group Excelsior, is committed to comply with Directive 2006/42/EC on the construction of machinery: 
- Article 12 point 2, when the machine is not listed in annex IV, the manufacturer shall apply the conformity assessment procedure with internal manufacturing control provided for in annex VIII. 
- Article 12, point 3 (c), the Total Quality assurance procedure described in annex X. 

The fulfilment of this policy is enforceable to all the activities and companies of the Organization, in all the countries in which it carries out its operations, and is led by the management of the Excelsior group.


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