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Gearless home lift

0.20 m/s | 0.63 m/s

Load capacity
maximum 450 kg

Pit min. 300 mm
max. 1400 mm

1.8 kW

More comfort and less consumption with the
electrical GFR2 home lift.


The design of this lift allows maximum optimisation of the shaft, but it only admits simple 90º or 180º accesses, as its machinery layout prevents any other configuration. Electric traction 2:1, gearless type, single-phase at 230 V, minimum consumption, allows it to be connected to any domestic network, with maximum running comfort.

It does not require additional space for the machinery, which is located inside the shaft, nor for the control panel, which is installed in a small vertical cabinet next to the door on the top floor.

Its motor can lift up to 450kg to a height of 5 floors, with total guarantee, even with glazed cabin configurations, with a speed of up to 0.63 m/s.

According to the regulations, it is a lift built under the Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU and in compliance with the construction and safety standards EN 81-20, EN 81-21, EN 81-70.

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