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Electrical TGR (1:1)
home lift

0.20 m/s | 0.63 m/s

Load capacity
maximum 450 kg

Pit min. 300 mm
max. 1400 mm

1.8 kW

Residential home lift with reduced pit
Manufactured entirely in our factory in Yeles - Toledo.- Toledo


Lift designed for the refurbishment or remodelling of the accessibility of a home, requiring a minimum pit. It does not require a machine room, but the machinery is housed in the lift shaft and the lift control is on the outside next to the door on the top floor.

The lift is designed with a single-phase motor without permanent magnet gears, being plugged in as a 230V household appliance. The lift is comfortable when starting and arriving at the floor.

According to the regulations, it is a lift built under the Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU and in compliance with the construction and safety standards EN 81-20, EN 81-21, EN 81-70.

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