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and customisable designs

The best materials
with the best aesthetics

Design, aesthetics and functionality are the hallmarks of our cabins.


We design and manufacture our cabins with the best materials, pursuing their functionality and prioritising their aesthetics.


We adapt to the tastes of our customers, offering them different and multiple types of textures, colours and finishes.

Urban Series

Let your imagination run free and design your cabin in one or more colours, freely combining the different finishes available for the walls, choosing the layout of the control panel and the presence or absence of corners and profiles.

Discover an infinite world of possibilities.

Panoramic Series

Don’t let the walls of your lift car deprive you of seeing what’s going on around you.

Enjoy the view with one of our panoramic lift cars, with a choice of transparent, translucent or smoked grey glass.

Make your journey a unique, light-filled experience. Let the feeling of spaciousness and light accompany you on your journey.

Deluxe Series

If you have decorated your home or business to your taste, why not do the same with your lift car? 

For different tastes, different colours, we give you the choice of a multitude of finishes, both for walls, floors and ceilings, design each part of your car and every part of your cabin and feel at home every time you go up or down. Every time you go up or down

Nature Series

Our nature series brings comfort and quality to your travels. Feel in contact with nature with our nature series, choose from our available finishes in skinplate wood and let your imagination run wild. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen.

Steel Series

If you are looking for modernity and a cab that always looks as good as new as the first day, our steel series will meet your needs.
Made from the highest quality stainless steel and with a multitude of finishes and with a multitude of finishes available, your booth will always shine, will always look as good as the first day.

Hospital Series

Sometimes you may need a cabin with special special dimensions in which it is even possible to travel with an accompanying a stretcher with an accompanying person. If you find yourself in this situation, our hospital series series will allow you to create the best solution by choosing between our cabin finishes to make these journeys as pleasant as possible.

Our Proyects

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