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Quality certificates


Quality certificate
ISO 9001

Excellence in quality as a pillar of our processes


The quality department on behalf of the management, maintains the company’s quality management system, using the ISO 9001 version 2015 standard as a framework, aligning the specifications of the different regulatory requirements.

In addition, it ensures the continuous improvement of the company’s processes as well as the interaction between stakeholders.

UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015

nº 2375/LD/12/1659

nº 2375/LD/12/1660

nº 2375/LD/12/1659-RD

Ascensores Excelsior is highly committed to quality and excellence, which is why it has implemented the ISO 9001 international standard since 1998, having undergone all its revisions.

This quality system supports the guidelines established by the European Directive on Lifts 2014/33/EU, from which the quality certificates of Annex VI module E (quality assurance in the final control of safety components, such as safety gears, speed limiters and door interlocks) and Annex XI module H1 (Quality assurance applied to the design, manufacture, assembly, installation and final control and testing of elevators) were obtained. These certificates are issued by OCA Cert.

In addition, the quality system complies with the guidelines established by the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, from which the Annex X certificate was obtained (Total Quality Assurance for Vertical Stairlifts). Certificate issued by Lloyd’s Register.


nº 2375/CPR/17/0493

This same system is valid for compliance with EU Regulation 305/2011, which establishes harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products, particularly in the case of the manufacture of self-supporting structures and stairs. Certificate issued by OCA Cert.

Ascensores Excelsior is dedicated to the elevation of people, as well as to the cutting of steel. In elevation, it manufactures elevators, executes building rehabilitation for the assembly of an elevator, accessibility products, maintenance and repair of elevation products, etc.

Committed to providing quality products and services to our customers through continuous improvement, thanks to the staff that makes up the company and the relationship of trust of our suppliers, constituting a value in the organization.

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