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Technology R+D+i

Continuous development

5 test towers

R+D+i Department

Research, Development and Innovation


Our advanced R+D+i department is integrated in the manufacturing area, where new models of elevators, elevators and stair lifts are constantly being studied.

Excelsior Elevators invests every year in the development of new programs and technologies for:

  • The design of elevator parts and components
  • The manufacture of elevator parts and components
  • Drawing up and recording plans.

At the same time, Ascensores Excelsior is continuously betting on the most modern technologies of network, communication and IP telephony systems, so that it can constantly guarantee the quality of service to its customers and suppliers.

In addition to this, computer programs with a high level of integration have been developed and customized for the work team to control administrative and business management.

  • We have the following technological resources, which make us leaders:
  • Innovative switchboard service that works 24 hours a day for incidents and rescues with our own personnel.
  • Use of Tablet with customized computer programs for the sales work of the commercial department.
  • Use of PDA’s for the immediate reception of warnings and technical consultation, as well as the immediate elaboration of work reports by operators and managers.
  • GPS geolocation system of the fleet of cars for the planning of routes of our technicians. In this way we guarantee immediate service to our facilities.
  • Business management system (ERP) that integrates the activity of purchases, sales, administration and the rest of the most important work areas of the company.
  • Document management systems for immediate consultation of all technical manufacturing documentation and historical information of our facilities and their management.