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Buildings without lift

zero level

& outdoor

We are specialists in the removal of
architectural barriers in buildings without lifts.


Ascensores Excelsior offers a series of solutions aimed at facilitating accessibility and the total elimination of architectural barriers to building access.

The installation of an elevator is usually requested by homeowners who live, work or provide services in their homes or premises, people with disabilities or people over 70 years of age.

The advantage of lift over elevators is that they reach a higher speed and can reach up to 1m/s., and it is also the most suitable product for when its use is going to be more intense and with a greater number of users.

In communities that already have a lift but at the time of installation the lift did not reach street level, we study the possibility of lowering the elevator to that level, which we call “COTA 0″ in spanish, as the first measure required by regulations in the Technical Building Code.

There are different models and types of lifts and elevators that adapt to the particular situation of each community or home, and that integrate with the building providing mobility and accessibility solutions to the space where they are installed.


Solutions for installations where it is not feasible to install the lift inside the building, with different scenarios and situations that adapt to the needs of the environment.


When there is space inside the building for the installation of the lift, different solutions are used that adapt to the needs of the building, managing the spaces to make the best possible use of them.


The best complement for our lift. Product designed to support any type of lift and in any space. Approved and certified to CTE. Available in various colors and finishes.