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Adaptation to the
users requirements

Low working and
visual impact

Quick and cost-effective chair solution for straight and curved sections


Ascensores Excelsior offers a wide variety of versatile solutions to service people with reduced mobility such as domestic lifts and stairlifts.

Affordable and versatile, they are the solution for the problem of mobility in any house or place. Without great works, with a minimum occupation of space and a wide variety of colours and accessories.

Straight flight

Specifically designed to facilitate the access to areas with straight stairs and skip slight slopes, providing freedom of movements around with the least occupation as possible. Complete integration in the setting it is installed.

Curved flight

Curves and corners are not a problem for the curved stairlifts due to their manufacturing is done to bridge any type of spin at any space, until two flights of stairs or slight slopes that demand the change of direction in any flight.


The perfect solution to provide the pool with an element that enables reduced mobility people to have a bath without assistance. It works with the same pressure of the water in the pool circuit, being easy to install. These stairlifts avoid complex refurbishment works in the pool for the accessibility regulation fulfilment.

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