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Industrial Load Platforms and Lifts

Designs for loads  
and people

Optimized for industrial

Product specifically designed for vertical transport of goods


Maintaining the effectiveness and reliability of elevators, it can transport large loads at different heights, being able to combine loads and people in the same product if necessary.

Its design and manufacture are oriented to serve any industrial or private need, solving mobility and accessibility problems at any level with maximum loading efficiency.

Dish rack

Product designed to facilitate the transport between different rooms of any type of small goods, improving productivity and response time. They are assembled in closed building shafts or in metallic structures.

Normally used for small loads in industry and services. With guillotine doors of different sizes.

Manufacture of stainless steel doors and cabin with the possibility of an intermediate tray.

Car lift

The Excelsior Group’s car lifts are hydraulic traction lifts specially designed for transporting vehicles accompanied by a driver.

With the possibility of a double carriage with double piston governed by a hydraulic unit.

They are suitable for public and private garages with light traffic.


Forklift designed to transport large loads between different heights, with hydraulic drive system and possibility of several traction pistons depending on the load.

It can be adapted on request to load accompanied by people with a control system from inside the cabin.

Automatic doors to facilitate the use with mobile transport equipment such as forklifts, etc., with the possibility of adapting remote opening.

Industrial Platforms

For all types of unaccompanied loads.

High reliability and easy operation even for large loads.

Hydraulic drive by means of hydraulic pistons with self-leveling between them.

Semi-automatic and automatic doors with the possibility of remote control for convenient use by loading machinery.

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