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Who we are


Since 1923

In-house manufacturing

100% española

Guillermo Fabian S.L. was founded in 1923 by the German Mr. Guillermo Fabián Fischer, being constituted in March 1977 as a company, giving rise to Excelsior Group, with registered office in C/ Baños de Montemayor, 5, Madrid. In Spain and Spanish-speaking countries, we operate commercially under the name of Ascensores Excelsior, our brand name.

The company has 100 years of experience in the manufacture, assembly, maintenance and repair of elevators.

In the last 30 years it has also developed a great experience in the field of rehabilitation and installation in buildings that lack them as well as in accessibility, with a wide range of products (all types of stair lifts and residential elevators).

We are specialists in the complete manufacture of products for the elevation of both people and loads (dumbwaiters, forklifts, car lifts).